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The Colombian national men’s football team is a team representing Colombia for the international football competition and is administered by the Colombian Football Association. Historically South American football has Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, the top three in Colombia, the performance was worse than the three.

Twentieth century, the late eighties, early 1990s, Colombian football is a brilliant period. Carlos Valderrama, Faustino Aspilar, Rene Iquita and other stars of the emergence of the Colombian team in the blockbuster of the 1990 World Cup, a historic breakthrough in the sixteen-year-old World Cup. With superstars like Valderrama gone, the Colombian men’s national football team has become the landscape era, in addition to a long time in 2001 to win the America’s Cup, there will be no achievements.

Brazil 2014 World Cup, under the leadership of Hammez Rodriguez, Colombia, a sudden emergence of the All-World Cup World Cup, and beat the last World Cup Uruguay in the quarterfinals to create the top eight of the World Cup Best Score, and won the 2014 World Cup Fair Play Award. The Colombian national men’s football team participated for the first time in the 1962 Chile World Cup match. team failed to qualify. After 1990 until the second time in the final of the World Cup.

1990 World Cup Italy, the draw 0: 1 against the Yugoslavia team, 2-0 against the United Arab Emirates, 1: 1 draw the German team, which led the group to qualify. The 1: 2 loss to Cameroon in the semifinals did not manage to go further. The finals of the 1994 World Cup in the United States, the 1: 3 defeat to Romania, 1: 2 lost to the US team, 2-0 the Swiss team, the last seats of the group. Escobar main defender of the US team in the house because of a bullet in the house, even after being shot by the crowd, the world even more shocked. France 1998 World Cup, 0: 1 loss to Romania, 1: 0 victory over Tunisia, 0: 2 loss to England, failed to enter the semifinals. In 2002, did not participate in the finals of the World Cup. 2018 World Cup Colombia broke into the finals.

we bring you the home soccer jersey 2018 home world cup. jersey with Korean collar, yellow color, three-band design on the shoulders, blue and red geometric figures on this jersey, Adidas logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the Colombia football team on the chest of the left. The design of the new shirt inspired by the team of British classic jersey style nineties of the century, and in the 21st century advanced technology and innovative design.

new shirt born out of Colombia in the 1990 World Cup in Italy this section of the most classic house jersey, jersey with blue and red color patterns on both sides of the design to display the color of the Colombian flag, while reinventing the design of the 90s of the last century. Details, the collar after the shirt printed “UNIDOS POR ONE PAIS” words, which means “All together. “

Unveiling of the Spain Soccer Jersey Outside for the World Cup

On March 28, at 3:30 am Beijing Time, an international friendly match was played at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Spain against Argentina. Messi did not enter the match in the first half, Diego-Costa and Isco broke the first half, Asencio brought two assists, Otamendi left. In the second half, Isco and Tiago scored two goals in 3 minutes, Otamendi led the ball and Asperus broke Isco’s hat trick. In the end, Spain beat Argentina 6-1 at home.

Spain took the lead after 12 minutes of play. After Inesta’s goal, Assencio sent Zhisai, who opened the scoring for Bustos and Romero, 1-0. . Due to the collision, both Costa and Romero fell to the ground, but the game continued after control. 26 minutes pass Assencio right, Isco score a little after the head and Albi at high speed catches the goal. A minute later, Spain strengthens its leadership position, Caballero’s goal is scored by Cork in the lead and Arsencio passes on a pass from the right, Isco scores a penalty and scores 2-0, leading Spain.

In 55 minutes, Spain scored another goal, Thiago crossed the ball after intercepting the ball, Isco scored a center in the penalty area, Aspasi caught one block, Tiago shot in the right foot, 4- 1! A few minutes later, Spain took a goal: Degea took the lead and the Argentine defenders collectively took a defensive action: Aspass attacked alone and attacked Caballero in front of the striker, 5-1. In the 74th minute, shortly after Isco scored the sixth goal for Spain, the camera captured the scene where Messi stood up and left the stands.It was not hard to see on photos that Messi could not hide and lose the game.

Now, we will see together, the 2018 World Cup. jersey with V-neck, white with a little red, tri-band design on the shoulders, the tip of each sleeve has a band in red, adizero fabric acting as a second skin for airy comfort while lightness. Fabric with Climacool technology for optimal regulation of perspiration, mesh construction for optimal ventilation, adizero fabric for lightness, comfort and ventilation. Adidas logo on the chest of the right, the escutcheon of the Spain national team on the chest of the left.

Adidas Football designs each product with its core philosophy of loyalty to classics and excellence, inspired by jersey jerseys and football classics, while incorporating Adidas’ advanced innovation technology. The cheap football kits of the Spanish national team presents a unique new color scheme: light blue jerseys with blue shades, jersey patterns, cuffs and bright red tri-stripes inspired by the classic styles of the 80s The two-tone badges together create a new mosaic of colors. The new World Cup jersey has been combined with state-of-the-art technology to ensure outstanding performance in the field, while retaining a classic, easy-to-identify appearance and creating a unique style on the court or street.